Pick 5 Books and We’ll Tell You Which Marvel Character You Are

Pick 5 Books and We'll Tell You Which Marvel Character You Are


We all yearn to be a hero, to be special, to have the ability to fly around or punch our way out of problems. We want to face off against an evil villain. We want to outrun a fireball. We want to save the world. 

We want all of these things, of course, but we can’t have them. Instead we must simply settle for taking this quiz, sharing the results on our various social feeds, and then resigning ourselves to a life of unremarkable banality. Aren’t you glad you clicked this? Anyway, pick five books and we’ll tell you which character you are from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to help you get ready for Avengers: Infinity War, the upcoming superhero crossover flick containing almost as many characters as the first five minutes of a Game of Thrones episode.

1. Pick a fantasy book.

2. Pick a sci-fi book.

3. Pick a book with a LOT of characters.

4. Pick a book where a major character dies.

5. Pick a book with a big battle at the end.

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