Who Is Your Shakespearean Alter-Ego?

QUIZ: Who Is Your Shakespearean Alter-Ego?

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It’s inevitable. You *WILL* study Shakespeare at some point in your education. If you’re already past that point, hopefully you had a lovely teacher who made it awesome for you and helped you unlock that "I Understood a Shakespeare Joke" achievement (thanks, Teach!). If not, get excited: Shakespeare is the biznack, and anyone who tells you otherwise obviously hasn’t found this site yet.

Whether you're feeling heartbroken, or conflicted, or upset that your uncle just murdered your father, Shakespeare gets how you feel. But which Shakespearean creation reflects the shiny gemstone at the center of your being? Are you the kind of person who loves a bit of drama and/or shouting at the stars, or someone who likes to strut around in tights reeling off smart ripostes?

Into the breach!

1. What are you doing this weekend?

2. You’re off to college! What’s your major?

3. What’s your relationship with your folks?

4. We’re playing favorites! Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character?

5. You’ve got a mahoosive project to do for school and you sort of kind of a little bit forgot about it until the day before. What do you do?

6. What is your perfect date?

7. You and your buddy have a falling out. What's it about and how does it end?

8. How often do you speak out loud to yourself?

9. What's your code?

10. Do you follow your head or your heart?

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