Pick 5 Novels and We’ll Tell You Your Hogwarts House

Pick 5 Novels and We'll Tell You Your Hogwarts House

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The Sorting Ceremony always struck me as suspect. How do we know the Sorting Hat can see into our souls? Because some long-dead wizards with funny names said so? How do we know the Hat’s not just tossing people into houses willy nilly? “Yeah, this guy looks like a Gryffindor. And this guy? Total Hufflepuff. I’m like 50% sure on this.”

Personally, I feel that a more accurate assessment of a person’s character would involve choosing from a list of books. Nothing on this earth reveals more about you than the kinds of books you read. With that in mind, let’s give the REAL Sorting Test a try.

1. Pick a classic novel.

2. Pick a dystopia.

3. Pick a Shakespeare play.

4. Pick a novel that’s been adapted into a movie or TV show.

5. Pick a novel that made you cry.

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