5 of Our Fave Harry Potter Characters Get Modern Makeovers

Klara Steeves


Prior to this slideshow, if someone had asked us to name one thing we'd do to make the Weasley twins even better, we would have slapped them grandly across the face and declared, "PERISH THE THOUGHT, YOU UNMITIGATED DUNDERHEAD. THOSE GINGER HOODLUMS ARE PERFECTION." But after laying our lucky eyeballs upon the gorgeous work of Klara Steeves, we've realized that while Gred and Forge have game, zingers, and highly illegal underage magic to spare, they're decidedly lacking when it comes to STYLE (these ensembles =SHUDDDDER). Klara gave the twins—as well as Luna, Neville, and Draco—a major wardrobe upgrade, and the results are positively SWOON-WORTHY.—eds 

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