5 Fictional Characters Who Were Killed Off for Absolutely No Reason



Finnick Odair from 'Mockingjay'

“ELODIE, FINNICK’S DEATH WAS CLEARLY SUPPOSED TO EMPHASIZE THE POINTLESS CHAOS OF WARFARE.” Look, okay, I’m with you on that to a point. This is a story about kids harpooning each other to death on a reality TV show, so not everyone’s going to get a poignant demise chock full of meaning. 

But more than any other, Finnick’s death reads like something Suzanne Collins only did because she was bored on Twitter one day when someone Tweeted “Struggling with your story? Try killing a character and see where that gets you!” It’s so sudden, so bizarre, so plainly out of nowhere that I had to re-read that passage three times before I fully understood what was happening.

I'm not saying every character has to go out in a blaze of symbolic glory. In fact, I'm fine with the way Argos, Lady Montague, and Colin Creevey were killed off; Jem I'm a bit miffed about, but I understand. But Finnick? Finnick deserved so much better! I guess the lesson here is this: if you're going to kill off your characters for no reason, that's fine. Just make sure their death warrants more than a handful of extremely baffling sentences.

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