5 Fictional Characters Who Were Killed Off for Absolutely No Reason

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Colin Creevey from 'Harry Potter'

As J.K. Rowling neared the end of the series, I’m pretty sure she was simply pulling characters out of a hat and killing them off, possibly while rubbing her hands together and cackling. Dobby. Fred. Hedwig. These were all victims of her needlessly callous hat spree. But each of those characters dies for some greater narrative purpose. For example, Hedwig’s death signals the end of Harry’s childhood innocence. Dobby dies to give Harry clarity on the whole Hallows vs. Horcruxes situation. Arguarbly, you could say Fred, Remus, and Tonks die so that Harry will be ready to embrace death, thus saving the rest of friends from a similar fate.

But COLIN CREEVEY? Colin Creevey’s death feels like an afterthought, just like “By the way? Colin Creevey? Also dead. I know you forgot about him for a hot minute, but don’t worry! He’s back, and he died tragically. Enjoy the rest of your day." J.K. Rowling was not content with simply ripping our hearts out by taking away Fred, Remus, and Tonks; she had to stomp on them by killing off Colin Creevey, too.

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