The 20 Best Insults in Fiction, RANKED

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"[Alanna] announced clearly: 'Ralon of Malven has beggars and thieves for ancestors. He's the son of a lizard and a demon. He has all the honor of a weasel. He can't even fight in the open like a man and a noble. He picks his fights in back halls—so no one can see him cheat.' … Ralon was staring at Alanna, gasping for words. 'What did you say?' he finally squeaked.
'Liar. Sneak. Coward. Bully.' She threw the words at him. 'You disgrace your name. D'you want me to write it down for you? Oh—I forgot. You can't read, either.'" —Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

(BRB rereading all of the Alanna books.)

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