The Great Gatsby Test

The <em>Great Gatsby</em> Test

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I like to think I'm something of an authority on The Great Gatsby, as someone who read it once and took it upon herself to point out all the times Nick and Gatsby should have made out. But how well do YOU know The Great Gatsby? As well as me? Doubtful. I know about Nick's embarrassing towels. Do you know about his towels?

We'll soon see.

1. How does Gatsby attempt to win Daisy's heart?

2. Which of the following characters would be considered "new money"?

3. Tom has a lot of really terrible qualities. Which of these ISN’T one of them?

4. It’s strongly implied that Gatsby earns his money through unscrupulous means. What are they?

5. What’s the difference between West Egg and East Egg?

6. Who was driving the car when Myrtle Wilson was struck and killed?

7. What is the "valley of ashes"?

8. Who are Mr. and Mrs. McKee?

9. Who is Tom cheating on Daisy with?

10. How many times does Gatsby use the "old sport" term of endearment? (Just Gatsby. We're not counting the times Tom uses it mockingly.)

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