QUIZ: How Would Shakespeare Describe Your Love Life?

QUIZ: How Would Shakespeare Describe Your Love Life?

Starz/The White Princess

If you’re sick of people asking you about your relationship status—if you’re sick of giving perfunctory answers like “I’m in a relationship” or “I’m so single it’s actually ridiculous”—if you’d rather say something shrewd and mysterious like “The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together”—then this is the quiz for you.

1. Would you rather ask someone out, or have someone ask YOU out?

2. Do you believe in soulmates?

3. What are your thoughts on being single?

4. How experienced would you say you are when it comes to relationships?

5. When it comes to love, do you tend to be more of a cynic or an optimist?

6. Typically, when you have a crush on someone, how do you deal?

7. What’s the worst thing about having a crush on someone?

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