Dating With Science: Guys Prefer Compatibility To "Hotness"

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Science Fact: Men think they value attractiveness over other positive traits, but personality is more important to them than they realize.

Explanation: It often seems like physical attractiveness is the most important thing in the world. Already-beautiful women can only appear on magazine covers once they've been photoshopped so hard that they wind up looking like unrecognizable demi-humans. People react with astonishment when someone who isn't gorgeous has a beautiful singing voice, as though it's a shock that any of the Normals can do anything except consume food and occupy physical space. It's tempting to blame modern society for all this shallowness, but there have been pretty rigorous standards of beauty all throughout history; 200 years ago, it was in vogue to slather poison on your face, and if you accidentally got a tan, you might as well just wander out onto the moors to die.

So anyone who isn't a supermodel should pretty much just mope around until the Rapture, right? Perhaps not! Guys might fixate on the "hot" girls when they first walk into a room, but what they're attracted to after that depends on a girl's personal characteristics (the kind that have nothing to do with physical attractiveness).

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