Every Scene of Hamlet Summed Up in a Single Sentence



First, we gave you the spectacular Every Harry Potter Book Summed Up in a Single Sentence. Then, we gave you the magnificent Every Shakespeare Play Summed Up in a Single Sentence. And finally, we gave you our masterpiece, Every Book on Your English Syllabus, Summed Up in a Single Sentence. 

After that, you probably thought to yourself, "They can't possibly top this." But we Taylor Swift'd your a$$ and rose from the dead to bring you our magnum opus, our greatest achievement, Every Scene of Hamlet Summed Up in a Single Sentence

Before you proceed, a few notes:

-Some of these slides are more than 1 sentence long, because it is actually VERY DIFFICULT to sum up Shakespeare's sh%* in 1 sentence. 

-If a scene is particularly long, we sometimes split it into 2 or 3 parts—but in the actual play, there are no "parts", so don't reference them in your in-class essay or you will sound like a moron.

AND NOW, GO FORTH, YOUNG NERDS, AND EXPERIENCE HAMLET LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Because it's, like, shorter. And there are pictures. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

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