Quiz: Could you Graduate from Hogwarts?

QUIZ: Could You Graduate from Hogwarts?

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Graduating from Hogwarts is an honor that requires all types of skills and smarts, plus the ability to survive the various death traps hidden around campus and the occasional take-over by Death Eaters and Voldemort. Do you have what it takes?

1. It's your first year of Hogwarts, and your teacher asks you what you see. Should you tell the truth?

2. While still an inexperienced young pupil, you demonstrate that you're fluent in another language. Will your peers and teachers be impressed?

3. As a male student, is it a good idea to visit the girls' bathroom?

4. Your quirky Divinations teacher has some awfully funny predictions. Should you take them seriously?

5. Congratulations, you've got the opportunity to compete in an inter-school competition for Hogwarts. Should you share information with the other competitors?

6. You're preparing for your first important wizardry exams, and your teacher doesn't seem very interested in teaching the class. What should you do?

7. Your close friend and Quidditch teammate is suffering from a lack of confidence before a big game. What do you do?

8. Which came first: the phoenix, or the flame?

9. What is the most important gift you can receive from Snape?

10. How many Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers help Voldemort?

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