QUIZ: Which Jane Austen Suitor Should You Date?

QUIZ: Which Jane Austen Suitor Should You Date?

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Forget real people. Real people don’t text you back, they have incorrect opinions about the latest episode of Riverdale, and they continue using your HBO Go password long after you’ve decided to stop seeing each other.

But fictional people? Specifically Austenian suitors who don’t exist in the real world and will therefore never have the opportunity to disappoint you? That’s more like it. Take the quiz to find out which one is worthy of your HBO Go password.

1. Would you ever consider marrying for anything other than love?

2. What’s most important in a romantic partner?

3. Would you rather…

4. Would you be okay dating someone who was vastly more wealthy than you?

5. How do you like to be wooed?

6. Would you rather…

7. Do opposites attract?

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