Classic Lit Plots Most Likely to Happen in 2018

Davis Entertainment/Victor Frankenstein


Hey, you know what would be fun? Let's make a few light-hearted predictions about which literary classics might have their storylines play out in some way through 2018! For example, maybe I could win the chance to visit a chocolate factory because some eccentric CEO goes bonkers and decides to hold a super weird competition. Wouldn’t that be great?! The future holds infinite possiblities, though some are more likely than others. Step right this way to discover all the other super-optimistic predictions we have for 2018. 

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Tags: animal farm, classic lit, the future, to kill a mockingbird, frankenstein, j.d. salinger, classic literature, moby dick, george orwell, catcher in the rye, harper lee, what fresh hell is this?!?, future predictions

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