February Love-o-Scopes!!

20th Century Cat


Libra (September 24 - October 23)

You are sociable and talkative, Libra, unless there's a guy you like in the room, in which case your brain only remembers how to tell stories about your cat (you don't have a cat) while mumbling incoherently. Your Romance Tip of the Month is to prepare a surprise romantic outing! Tell him that you've planned a romantic picnic, then pop out of a manhole and shoot him with paintballs until he is no longer your boyfriend. This is the surprise.

Topics: Life
Tags: valentine's day, flirting, dating, crushes, astrology, horoscopes, the future, zodiac signs, future predictions, astrological signs, you won't be single forever (because eventually the sun will explode & we'll all die)

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