QUIZ: What's Your Classroom Personality?

What's Your Classroom Personality?

Gracie Films/Edge of 17

Are you a Hermione or a Stiles? And if you're a Hermione, can we please borrow your Bio notes?

1. Where do you prefer to sit in class?

2. How is your punctuality for class?

3. When working on a group project, you are most likely to...?

4. When the teacher gets angry at the class for being too noisy you...?

5. When you are bored in class you...?

6. The night before a big exam you are...?

7. Your friend is panicking because they think they are gonna fail a test. You...?

8. A friend doesn't show up to class after lunch, you...?

9. At which time of day are you most focused in class?

10. A good day at school is when...?

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