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If Hogwarts Had

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Hogwarts may have the Sorting Hat, flying broomsticks, and a forest full of stuff that can totally kill you, but where magic school fails and where we succeed is that we have RateMyProfessors is hands-down the best way to find out what's up with your college professors, just short of lurking outside classrooms and asking someone, "So what's up with this professor?" It's a review site by former students, for future students, and it's a hallmark of the college/university experience.

Is it perfect? No. I once took a class not solely because the reviews said the professor looked like Tom Hiddleston, but let's be honest, that's mostly why I took it. And he didn't look like Tom Hiddleston in the slightest. It was terrible. I felt cheated.

Still. Hogwarts, with its medley of magical faculty and its ever-changing rotation of Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, could use a little RMP action... and we felt obliged to answer the call.

This slideshow was originally published in December 2015, but we're putting it up again in case you missed it the first time around. After all, if you're taking Potions this year, you ought to know what you're getting yourself into. (Nothing good, bucko. NOTHING GOOD AT ALL.) 

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