Quiz: What Are Your Dreams Trying To Tell You?

QUIZ: What Are Your Dreams Trying To Tell You?

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Some people dream about unicorns and being able to fly; other people dream about regular, non-magical horses beating them up for their lunch money, and being completely unable to fly at all, cursed to just walk around like a normal person.  TLDR, your dreams about toothlessness probably mean something deeper (unless your teeth are actually falling out irl, in which case you should stop consulting SparkNotes and find a dentist).


1. What's your most common nightmare?

2. You have a dream involving water. How does it go?

3. Which of these are you more likely to dream about?

4. In your dream, a guy approaches you. What happens next?

5. Which of these appears most frequently in your dreams?

6. You dream about falling. While doing so, you are with:

7. Which of these are you most likely to say?

8. When your dreams are positive, they're about:

9. How would you describe your current state of mind?

10. Do you dream more about the past or about the present?

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