The 10 Best Dad Jokes in Shakespeare



Richard III, Act 1, Scene 1

Did you know one of the most important speeches in all of Western literature is essentially a dad joke? Yep. It’s a bold claim, but I’m making it anyway. 

Here, Richard is saying “the winter” (i.e. the war) is over, and that it has given way to a “glorious summer” (i.e. peace) because the York family (also known as HIS family) emerged victorious. Dude’s throwing around a ton of metaphors, but he’s also making a pun by saying the “sun of York” ended the war. He doesn’t just mean “the sun,” metaphorically—he also means “the son,” as in Edward IV, the Duke of York's son who just became king. Edward even adopted the “blazing sun” as his personal brand, so I mean, the joke was just right there. 

(Hey, even homicidal maniacs like a good dad joke. You can just see him going, "GET IT? SUN? LIKE S-O-N? WINK.")

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