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Modes of Magical Transport, Ranked from Worst to Best

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#3: On the Back of a Great Eagle (from the Lord of the Rings series)

Sweeping through Middle Earth to land in 3rd place comes Gandalf on the back of Gwaihir, a Great Eagle. Gigantic, agile, and courteous, the Great Eagles convey all the benefits of dragon-riding (looks super cool, large animal = potential friend, can fight your enemies, super fast) without any of the drawbacks (third-degree burns, the destruction of all cattle in a 100 mile radius).  One more thing, just a little nit-picky detail; may I just suggest WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST FLY THE EAGLE TO MORDOR. YOU GOT A RING. YOU GOT AN EAGLE. FLY IT TO BE THE VOLCANO AND BE FINISHED WITH IT, OLD MAN. RING + EAGLE =DONE.

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