5 Iconic Fictional Romances (That Probably Won't Last)

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Odysseus and Penelope from 'The Odyssey'

These two went through a lot to be together and I admire that. But the reality of the situation is this: there is always going to be another adventure. Odysseus will never be content to just stay at home. He’s like an FBI agent in a serial drama whose marriage falls apart because there’s always going to be another case.

For instance, at the end of The Odyssey, Athena solves the whole “EVERYONE WANTS TO MURDER ODYSSEUS” debacle with convenient god magic, and Odysseus immediately tries to start another conflict. I would have shown him the door right then and there if I were his wife who had waited TWENTY WHOLE YEARS TO BE WITH HIM only to watch him go charging sword-first into yet another unnecessary war.

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