Fictional Characters Who Would Make the Worst Roommates, Ranked

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#1: Jay Gatsby from 'The Great Gatsby'

Gatsby would be the worst roommate of them all because he would take it upon himself to throw parties every. Single. Weekend. In your dorm, no less. You would want to just have a quiet night in for once, and he would be like, “Oh, I already invited over twelve of my closest friends for a little Game of Thrones watch party, hope that’s okay.”

I’ve had this roommate before, too, and l thought perhaps her zest for life and always-up-for-whatever attitude would rub off on me. It did not. Personally, I like to go out and do things and then leave early so I can return home and relax with some yoga pants and an episode of Law & Order that I’ve already seen. This is, however, difficult to do when there are twenty people packed into your 12’x13’ room and one of them is sitting on your bed drinking a Mountain Dew.

I guess the lesson here is ALWAYS LIVE ALONE, BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE WILL RUIN YOU. If you MUST have a roommate, just know you’re playing with fire. You might wind up with a Hamlet, or a Smaug, or God forbid a Gatsby.

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