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Fictional Characters Who Would Make the Worst Roommates, Ranked

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I’ve had roommates. Boy, have I had roommates. I’ve had roommates who were awful and roommates who were okay. I’ve had roommates who threw up in my laundry basket, and I’ve had roommates whose single worst quality was that they were cooler than me. (It sucks when your roommate is cooler than you because that means she probably has a ton of friends, so you’ll always feel like you’re attending a slumber party you weren’t invited to every time you emerge to scrape together some leftover pasta in the kitchen before returning to the haunted witch hovel you call a bedroom.)

As someone who has run the gamut of roommates, I can see a bad roommate a mile away. That’s how I know I would run the risk of finding a roommate off Craigslist rather than live with any of the following fictional characters for even a second.

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