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Sex Ed at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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Minerva McGonagall

Part of the appeal of Hogwarts is the coursework: instead of AP chemistry, you get potions; instead of biology, you get to tear around the Forbidden Forest on a Hippogriff as you learn about "Care of Mystical Creatures." Although Hogwarts' academic curriculum was rigorous, sex ed was NOTABLY ABSENT—this is particularly concerning given how saucy any given Yule Ball or Triwizard Cup was likely to be.

So what WOULD sex ed look like at Hogwarts? We take our best guess.

The general concensus is that sex ed ISN'T SO HOT in the Muggle world either. For all the goods, including special sex-ed-themed Auntie posts, go here.

This slideshow was originally published in April 2015

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