QUIZ: Is This a Coldplay Lyric or a Quote from The Odyssey?

QUIZ: Is This a Coldplay Lyric or a Quote from <i>The Odyssey</i>?

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The Odyssey is believed to have been written sometime in the 8th century BC. In 2016 AD, Coldplay performed at the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Two equally momentous events on the timeline of human history.

But that’s not all they have in common. Both Chris Martin and Homer utilize verbiage that is virtually indistinguishable. In fact, if you can tell a Coldplay lyric from an Odyssey quote, I’ll buy tacos for everyone.

1. "We rode down to the river where the toiling ghosts strain for their curses to be broken."

2. "Take courage, my heart. You have been through worse than this."

3. "Though heavily we bled, still on we crawl."

4. "You'll come back to me, not swallowed in the sea."

5. "Men are so quick to blame the gods."

6. "Your last hour has come. You die in blood."

7. "I don't want to follow death and all of his friends."

8. "Not many sons are like their fathers. Most are worse, few better."

9. "Poets are not to blame for how things are."

10. "In the night, the stormy night, away she'd fly."

11. "A small rock holds back a great wave."

12. "Ah, son. Don't ask neither how full nor empty is your glass."

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