QUIZ: Are You Attracted To Jerks?

QUIZ: Are You Attracted to Jerks?

NBC/Friday Night Lights

Being attracted to jerks is, in fact, totally normal. Bad guys have had their allure ever since everybody loved Jesse James, whose only accomplishment was murdering a bunch of people while being hot. If you are like "yes, awesome," then proceed with the quiz to determine the level to which you like such guys. If you are like "Ugh," well, do the same to confirm the degree to which you are not.

1. How do the guys you like usually talk to you?

2. SCENARIO: You are dating the notorious outlaw Jesse James. Can you make this work?

3. Picture the most desirable guy you know. Realistically, How would he react when discussing something really important to you?

4. Describe your ideal SO in one word.

5. Which of these gifts is your ideal SO most likely to give you?

6. How do you feel when you're single?

7. What's the most important thing about a potential SO?

8. Which of these theoretical guys is hotter?

9. Which pickup line would work best on you?

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