7 Harry Potter Covers Reimagined by Our Favorite Illustrators

Klara Steeves/Taryn Knight/Lila Selle/Steffi Lynn


Previous to the publication of this slideshow—which features amazing reimaginings of all seven Harry Potter covers—our greatest accomplishments in life were eating our own weight in raw cookie dough and getting a 7/10 on this One Direction Lyric or Romeo & Juliet Quote? quiz (Harry Styles might be the Shakespeare of our time). But now? Now we're the purveyors of LITERALLY the greatest works of art you'll ever lay eyes upon, and we never have to do anything even vaguely impressive ever again, because these masterpieces will live on as our legacy long after we've gone to that King's Cross platform in the sky. Click through to see all seven covers, and then head to the comments to give our artists the slow clap they deserve.

The fabulous creators of these illustrations are legit LEGENDS IN THEIR OWN TIME; follow them on Tumblr below!

Tyler Feder: Tumblr and Etsy shop 

Lila Selle: Tumblr and Redbubble shop 

Taryn Knight: Tumblr and Etsy shop 

Little Chmura: Tumblr 

Klara Steeves: Tumblr

Steffi Lynn (typography on covers 5 and 6): Tumblr and Etsy shop 

SparkNotes: Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram 

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