What Should You Text Your Crush?

QUIZ: What Should You Text Your Crush?

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Put on your courage pants (wait, are we the only ones who have those?), because it's time to do one of the most frightening things known to humankind...text your crush. The truth is, texting your crush is a lot like bungee jumping: it's scary to think about it, but once you take the plunge, it's exhilarating. And also you could die if it goes wrong. So take a shot of Felix Felicis, and then take this quiz!

1. What's the last thing you and your crush talked about?

2. How often do you and your crush text?

3. Do you and your crush have any classes or activities together?

4. What's the last thing your crush said that made you laugh?

5. Your crush is going on a road trip over winter break. They have a free spot in their car. Would they ask you to join?

6. Does your crush have a crush on somebody, or do they have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

7. Do you and your crush ever argue?

8. There's a big snowball fight on the quad. Your crush sees you from across the lawn. They have a snowball in their hand. They...

9. What do you and your crush bond over the most?

10. Your crush has complimented you on...

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