What Poem Are You?

QUIZ: What Poem Are You?

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Little sparrows, we know you've been reading verse late at night to comfort your weary soul. Poetry can be tough to understand, but in our experience it helps to wear all black, drink espresso, and live someplace rainy, like Seattle or an oil rig on the middle of the ocean. But as Socrates and my barista always say, "know thyself:" the best way to begin loving poetry is to find a poem that speaks to you. We hope this quiz helps you find one.

1. Are you a romantic?

2. Do you write poetry?

3. What's your best feature?

4. Do you prefer older reading material, or contemporary?

5. People often describe you as...

6. Do you feel you've had to overcome obstacles in your life?

7. What attracts you to art?

8. You like poetry (or books, or films) about...

9. When you leave the house, do you always have your keys on you?

10. What's your animal companion?

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