If Our Favorite Harry Potter Characters Had YouTube Channels

Lila Selle


In a perfect world, Hogwarts would have wi-fi, Fred Weasley would be my Facebook-official boyfriend, and Sleekeazy's Hair Potion would have long ago transformed the unholy catastrophe on top of my head into a flawless coif capable of melting the heart of every tank-topped, smolder-gazed, amateur dance champion in a 5-mile radius.

Sadly, the world isn't perfect—but with the help of the genius Lila Selle, it got a little bit closer to perfection today. She dared to ask the question, "What would life be like if our favorite Harry Potter characters had YouTube channels?", and as this slideshow proves, the answer is, "HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY AND WHY DIDN'T WE EVER THINK OF THE WORD 'GRYFFINDORKS' BEFORE." 

This slideshow was originally published in October 2016

Topics: Books
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