Are You a Terrible Flirt?

QUIZ: Are You a Terrible Flirt?

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Are you a cool, refreshing smoothie, or more of a chunky stew?

1. Offering someone a mint is a good way to start a conversation.

2. Asking someone, “Do you smell that?” is another great opener!

3. You get an invite to a party and your crush will be there, but you’re in gym clothes. Do you stop home to change?

4. Eye contact matters!

5. “20 Questions” shows you’re interested. The more questions you ask, the better.

7. Flirting makes you anxious, understandably, and so you tell your crush, “I can’t stop sweating!”

8. How does your breath smell right now?

9. You let your crush know everything you discovered about them on their Instagram.

10. You might ask the object of your flirtation about their recent break-up, to show you care.

12. When someone you like tells you you’re cute, you thank them.

13. Have you ever sent a crush a selfie before you've gone out on a date?

14. You like EVERYTHING your crush posts on social media.

17. Complimenting your crush is a nice, easy first step to letting them know you’re interested.

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