The Most (& Least) Accurate Onscreen Depictions of College Dorms

The CW/Gossip Girl


You may have finally accepted the fact that your college dorm won't be guarded by a singing portrait (letting go of your dream of marathoning Riverdale in an overstuffed armchair in the Gryffindor common room was the hardest thing you've ever had to do), but that doesn't mean that you have a realistic perception of college dorm rooms. The majority of TV shows and movies depict dorms as spacious paradises straight out of PBTeen (seriously WHAT IS THIS MADNESS), so it's only logical that you'd be under the impression that freshman year will be spent reclining in a sun-drenched penthouse—but unfortunately, you'll more likely find yourself in a lofted bed surrounded by drywall, your roomie sleeping roughly 3 feet away. To find out which movies and shows have blatantly lied to you (THANKS FOR NOTHING, VAMPIRE DIARIES) and which ones have kept it real, click on!

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