The Harry Potter Books, Ranked from Worst to Best

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#1: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I love Prisoner of Azkaban with an intensity that was previously reserved only for immediate family members and Twix bars. I know we’ve already established that they’re all the best book, but still—with that being said, Prisoner of Azkaban is pretty much the best book. Some of you may disagree with me on this, but that’s what the comment section is for. (Besides, this is my post. Get your own.)

So why PoA, you ask? I could say it’s because of the Marauders storyline, or because of time travel, or because of that sweet, sweet plot twist. I could say it’s because of the kindness and empathy of Remus Lupin, or because of the introduction of dementors as a metaphor for depression and the Patronus Charm as a means of overcoming it. I could say it’s because Prisoner of Azkaban feels to me like peak Hogwarts—that this book, with all of its classes and Quidditch and werewolves and Hogsmeade trips, is the one that truly makes me feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never been.

I could say all of these things and more. But let’s just say it’s because of that time Hermione slapped Malfoy in the face and call it a day.

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