The Harry Potter Books, Ranked from Worst to Best

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#2: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Look, I get that Half-Blood Prince is a little too light-hearted for some people. I get that.

Personally, I’m happy to take a break from all the death and destruction to spend a few brief moments getting upset about who's been snogging whom. The thing about teenagers is that they will be starting drama, getting into petty disagreements, and making out with each other whether there is a war going on or not. And J.K. Rowling somehow manages to balance this Hogwarts rom-com against the changing political landscape of the wizarding world without ever letting one take precedence over the other—at least until the very end.

In a way, the teenage tomfoolery of Half-Blood Prince is not just entertaining, it's also necessary. It gives us a taste of much-needed normalcy, which makes it all the more significant when Harry decides to leave it all behind.

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