QUIZ: Are You Too Self-Deprecating?

QUIZ: Are You Too Self-Deprecating?

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It's not too hard to tell the very confident from the very insecure. For example, do you have a big, swooping, bold signature, or do you just write the word "sorry?" Do you shrug off rejection, or do you respond to it by hiding under a blanket that you have been carrying around the whole time for some reason? What is your spirit animal, and is it embarrassed by you because you fell down the stairs one time? Find out below.

1. Which of the following best describes how you make eye contact?

2. Someone tells you that you look great. You respond thusly:

3. You spend a first date:

4. When you find yourself in an argument with someone, you:

5. Which of the following situations best describes your tendency to apologize?

6. When someone doesn't text you back right away:

7. Imagine yourself wearing a completely generic article of clothing.

8. Nervous laughter ensues. Which of these is yours?

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