The 7 Fictional Places We REALLY Want to Live

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If there's one thing that this season's weather is good for, it's appreciating a cozy home nest. Occasionally, I'll claw my way out of the mound of Doritos bags and old band-aids that I call my house, and try to imagine what it'd be like to live in one of the fictional dream houses below. I wash a dish. I make an attempt to decorate. Perhaps I stick some of the aforementioned band-aids on the wall in the shape of a heart. And then I nestle back into my trash mountain for the long winter, with visions of the Gryffindor common room and Mr. Darcy's marble statue stockpile dancing through my head. If you, too, want to feel like your current living space is sad and inadequate, click through to check out the most stunning settings in literature. 

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