What Dystopia Do You Belong In?

QUIZ: Which Dystopia Do You Belong In?


If you, like me, love post-apocalyptic books and films, you may occasionally wonder which one is coming for you. Is it the dystopia where they never invented potato chips? Is it the dystopia where everybody uses canned ham instead of soap??? Hopefully not—but take this quiz to see where you'd fit in.

1. How does society collapse?

2. Which side will you join during the end-of-days battle?

3. Would you rather...

4. Your favorite book has been banned in the new dystopian world. What do you do?

5. A general from the resistance asks you to join them. Now what do you do?

6. If you had a time machine, would you try to go back and warn others?

7. Would you recruit your family to your side?

8. How often do you check social media?

9. Do you tape a little piece of paper over the camera in your laptop when you aren't using it?

10. How closely do you follow the news?

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