Dating With Science: Are Guys Threatened By Smart Girls?

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First, the research: this study involved six experiments investigating how guys feel about intelligent women. The first two experiments found that guys love the concept of smart women—when asked to rate the personal qualities of a woman who had outperformed them in a college class, the guys rated her as more desirable and socially skilled than a woman who performed worse. The problem is that, in these experiments, the woman was "in a room down the hall somewhere," in the same sense that an unseen but allegedly beautiful girlfriend "goes to a different school, um, you wouldn't know her, it is a really far away school." In other words, she didn't actually exist, and was not someone the guys actually had to meet and interact with. She was hot in theory.

The next four experiments exploded that theory with a bazooka. Just like a little kid who loves the idea of having a puppy, and promises to take care of a puppy, but then lacks the responsibility to handle an actual puppy, the male participants were so unprepared for being in the same room as a smart girl that they were all immediately sent to bed without dinner. Given the exact same circumstances as the first experiments—outperformed by a woman in a college class, asked to rate her personal qualities—the guys in these experiments rated the woman, who was present in the room, as less attractive and desirable, just for the crime of actually existing. This should strike you as pretty depressing news, assuming you are the type of girl who exists.

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