Quiz: How Stressed Are You?

QUIZ: How Stressed Are You?

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Everyone responds to stress differently. For example, if you just shouted "I'M NOT STRESSED AT ALL I'M COMPLETELY FINE," even though that was just the title of the post and not a personal question, then you are probably pretty stressed. If you are too busy being asleep in a hammock to read this post, then stress is probably not a huge issue for you.

Hopefully you fall somewhere between these two extremes. For most people, some level of stress is a fact of life, and the realistic goal is just to manage it in a healthy way instead of letting it give you some manner of brain attack. This quiz will help you figure out just how well you're doing that.

1. When you realize you didn't get the homework done, you:

2. Which of the following describes your bad habits?

3. How do teachers generally treat you?

4. How do you sleep?

5. Which of these dreams are you more likely to have?

6. How do you feel about your work obligations?

7. How frequently do you skip meals?

8. When your internet goes out, you:

9. How often do you take walks or otherwise go outside?

10. Do you ever take on responsibilities surpassing your normal workload?

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