QUIZ: Would You Survive a Scary Movie?

QUIZ: Would You Survive a Scary Movie?


If you have ever had occasion to say “I’ll be right back,” then the answer is probably no. But hey, I don’t know you. Just because I’d be dead or caught in a bear trap within the first thirty minutes of the movie doesn’t mean the rest of you would.

1. A door slams shut. How do you react?

2. How likely are you to do something because someone dared you?

3. When do you usually shower?

4. Where do you currently live?

5. Lately, do crows seem to be gathering and just sort of following you around?

6. How often do you find yourself wandering off on your own to investigate things like creaking floorboards, footsteps in the attic, or rustling leaves just out of sight of the campfire?

7. Does your house have a basement, attic, or barn?

8. You let the dog out at night. He doesn’t return right away. Do you go looking for him?

9. Someone whips out a ouija board at a party and suggests you guys try to contact the spirit world, in a light-hearted tone that suggests they don’t believe in any such thing. Do you use it?

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