The Hamlet Test

The Hamlet Test


Maybe you’ve read the SparkNote. Better yet, maybe you’ve read our recaps. Or maybe you’ve never read either of them but you feel like you’ve got a pretty good handle on this whole Hamlet thing, and you’ve got a few minutes to kill, so why not?

Whatever your current level of Hamlet know-how, you’re welcome here. Let’s get quizzing.

1. When the ghost first appears, why does Marcellus encourage Horatio to speak to it?

2. What is the name of the castle?

3. Which of the following questions does Hamlet NOT ask about his father's ghost?

4. Why do Laertes and Polonius caution Ophelia against falling in love with Hamlet?

5. What does Hamlet really mean when he says “To be or not to be”?

6. How does Hamlet plan to discover whether or not Claudius is guilty?

7. How does Hamlet respond when Polonius asks him to take a walk outside with him?

8. In what way does Laertes serve as a foil to Hamlet?

9. Which of the following characters gets to avenge their dead father and actually live to tell the tale?

10. In what order do the following characters die?

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