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The 7 Best Times Men Were Terrified of Women in Classic Literature

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Bathsheba rides a horse like a man

This might surprise a lot of you, because I don’t come across as the kind of person who has ever even been near a horse, but in fact have ridden a noble steed or two in my time. (It was just the one, and it took off running. I was fourteen. We don’t talk about it.) I had the audacity to be riding western style with my legs on either side, like some kind of common harlot, when I should have been riding side-saddle LIKE A PROPERLY BRED WOMAN WITH A HEALTHY SENSE OF SHAME.

In Far From the Madding Crowd, Bathsheba rides her horse the scandalous way. Victorian society is horrified. I imagine her aunt saying, "Look, I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them, and riding a horse like that when you’re a woman is as good as FORFEITING YOUR MAIDENHOOD."

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