Feminist Posters for Every Hogwarts House

Louise Reimer


As much as we love JK Rowling and the blessings of this gif forever more, the world of Harry Potter isn't without the patriarchal trappings of Muggle society.*

Still, two of the House founders are women (Helga Hufflepuff! Rowena Ravenclaw!), and JK herself is something of a hero to us all, on top of which Hermione IRL (Emma Watson) gets feminism in a serious way. That's why we are bringing you these clutch feminist posters by artist Louise Reimer, one for every Hogwarts house. This way, you can wave about your house pride and fly a feminist banner at the same time <3 —Eds

*Harry's mentors are for the most part male—Dumbledore, Hagrid, the Marauders, Snape—while Molly Weasley's defining characteristic is "mum to many" and Rita Skeeter, Dolores Umbridge, and Bellatrix are all presented as a toxic, if strong, blend of feminity. Hermione and Luna are both singled out for being "not like other girls," and while Ginny morphs into something greater as the books progress, it's hard to shake the idea of her as the prized little sister of Ron/Bill/Fred/George/Percy/Charles; something to be protected. We worry about the psychic scars to Dumbledore, to Snape, to Sirius, rather than the martyred women those memories stem from (Ariana, Lily). It's a ~theme~, is what we are saying.

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