These Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Illos Are Simply MAGICAL

Lila Selle


As you surely know by now, we're lowkey obsessed with FBAWTFT (or as we pronounce the acronym, "fuh-baw-tuh-fut." IT ROLLS OFF THE TONGUE). We even went to so far as to rank the characters by their hair (it would have been a crime not to, considering that Newt Scamander's rakishly rumpled ginger curls are the hero we all need in 2017). So it should come as no surprise that we enlisted the help of illustrator extraordinaire Lila Selle to give a few of our fave witches and wizards the artistic treatment—and the results have us positively SWOONING. Queenie and her coif=our newest crush. SOMEONE FETCH US SOME SLEAKEAZY HAIR POTION, POSTHASTE.-eds

This slideshow was previously published in January 2017

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