How Awful Is Your Handwriting?

How Awful is Your Handwriting?

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With the prevalence of computers, which are even sometimes used to administer in-class writing assignments, handwriting seems like it's quickly going the way of letterpress printing—which means that, in a few years, it could be considered a niche art form for book lovers. In the meantime, though, it's something you still have to use (at least while you're in school! I handwrite so rarely now I sometimes wonder if why I even bothered to learn cursive). But how is your handwriting? Will you be relieved when it becomes obsolete? Or will you become a niche artisan?

1. In kindergarten and first grade, you were leaning how to write. How'd you take to it?

2. Have you ever failed an exam because your teacher couldn't decipher your writing?

3. When you pass notes in class, what kind of responses do you get?

4. You have to hand-write a speech in 15 minutes and then present it to the class. How's that going?

5. When others see your writing for the first time, they:

6. What are you usually focused on while you write?

7. Look at a page of your writing; what do you see?

8. Are you a lefty or a righty?

9. How do you hold a pen?

10. Do either of your parents have bad handwriting?

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