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5 Books We Would Love to See Gender-Swapped

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Pride and Prejudice

As a society, we’ve already done Pride and Prejudice as a YouTube vlog, Pride and Prejudice as a Bollywood musical, Pride and Prejudice but with zombies. Pretty much the only thing we HAVEN’T done is Pride and Prejudice, gender-swapped. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Elodie, yet another white male protagonist who gets the girl is exactly what NOBODY IS ASKING FOR,” and I hear you. I do! But since we’ve already gone and done everything else under the sun, someone might as well green-light a low-budget period film where Elliot Bennet is one of five unwed sons whose property has been entailed to a female heir for one reason or another. Enter the arrogant, attractive, and obnoxiously wealthy Miss Darcy, whom Elliot could never be prevailed upon to marry. 

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