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5 Books We Would Love to See Gender-Swapped

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I know Stephenie Meyer released a genderbent version of Twilight in 2015 called Life and Death, but all she really did was change “Bella” to “Beau” and “Edward” to “Edythe.” I mean, I suppose she also (spoiler alert) turned Beau into a vampire at the end of the book to avoid any potential future complications with the childbirth plotline in Breaking Dawn, but that’s exactly my point. We never got to the good stuff! I want a story where the fragile human and perpetual damsel-in-distress is a boy. He has to choose between a super-strong lady vampire and a jean jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding lady werewolf greaser. 

That’s all I’ve EVER WANTED, and the fact that Stephenie Meyer is keeping this from me is an insult to my personhood.

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