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How to Turn Your Brain Back On After Summer Break

How to Turn Your Brain Back On After Summer Break

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The start of school is fast approaching, and three months of uninterrupted Netflix-ing may very well have made you at least 37% dumber than you were at the beginning of summer break. We can help you conquer your required reading assignment, but you might also want to try the below tips to shift your brain back into gear. 

1. Catch up on the news


Stay one step ahead by keeping up with current events. Get the facts from a variety of sources—check out The Atlantic,, the New York Times,, etc—and sign up for email newsletters that break down all the info for you (TheSkimm, Need2Know, and The Daily Beast are great). Did your brain just quadruple in size? YUP.

2. Consider doing some exercise, even though it's very awful 


It's been hypothesized that getting your heart rate up will actually make you smarter, so get out there and channel your inner Bilbo BagginsPhysical activity helps keep both your mind and your body in shape—and if you find a workout that you enjoy (like Zumba class, hiking, or whatever this magic is), you won't even realize that you're exercising! (<—We have no evidence to back up this claim.)

3. Explore your surroundings


Whether you're at home or away on vacation, there's nothing more visually captivating than discovering a new place. Escaping your air-conditioned house every now and then will broaden your horizons, and who knows what you might find? (Our money is on either a forest full of talking tree people or the amazing makeup aisle at that sweet new Super Target down the street.)

4. Just continue being an awesome nerd

Read as many books as you can get your hands on, check out the latest documentaries (13th, Truth to Power, and City of Ghosts are fantastic), and keep crushing crosswords and logic puzzles. You're already smart AF–but it never hurts to get smarter.


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