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QUIZ: Can You Guess the Book from a One-Sentence Summary?

QUIZ: Can You Guess the Book from a One-Sentence Summary?

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We get it. You know books. You know them by their first sentence, by their last sentence, probably by their fourth sentence of the seventh paragraph in the twenty-eighth chapter. But do you know them by their one-sentence summary?

1. A man gets a promotion for committing murder.

2. Two ugly people learn how to love.

3. A woman goes on a dangerous mission to avenge her son after he is murdered by a serial killer.

4. A bunch of young choirboys set fire to things unsupervised.

5. Ghosts haunt a rich man until he feels bad.

6. A woman must find a loophole in the legal system to save her husband’s best friend.

7. An old, misshapen man uses a disguise to find out who his wife is cheating on him with.

8. Some people go on a road trip to destroy a priceless heirloom.

9. A father sets up his daughter with some rich kid, then throws his favorite book in the water.

10. A traveling salesman becomes a financial burden on his family.

11. A war hero cheats on his wife and loses everything.

12. A man has a mid-life crisis in his early twenties and several people die as a result.

13. Two men play a friendly game; it takes over a year for one of them to lose.

14. A rich jock marries his high school sweetheart.

15. An escaped convict kidnaps a child and keeps her locked up for several years.

16. A young socialite begins to suspect that her boyfriend’s father killed his wife.

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