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Which First-Day-of-School Trope Are You?

Which First-Day-of-School Trope Are You?

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The time has come to grit our teeth, put on some pants, and return to that doom prison some people call "school." Gone are the days of eating Cheetos for every meal, of forgetting what day it is, of spending every waking moment just being vaguely on the Internet. Like it or not, the first day of school is coming up, and it’s time to start taking life seriously again.

And if there’s anything we know from every piece of fiction on the face of God’s green earth, it’s that the first day of school is just rife with tropes. Maybe you’re “got hot over the summer,” or “eating lunch alone,” or “Matthew Perry reliving his glory days in Zac Efron’s body.” Who’s to say?

Let's find out.

1. What is your backpack situation?

2. How do you usually get ready for school?

3. Favorite subject?

4. How do you get to school?

5. What’s your idea of a good icebreaker?

6. If you could have it be one season all year, which would you choose?

7. Which unrealistic movie school trope do you wish were true?

8. Do you bring a lunch or buy it?

9. School uniforms: yes or no?

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